Cervical Screening

How one small test could save your life

Download our women’s health factsheet and find out more about how taking the cervical screening test could save your life.

In Australia, women aged between 25 and 74, including those who have never been sexually active, and women who are in same-sex relationships, and even women who have received HPV vaccination, should undergo cervical screening testing every five years. These tests used to be known as Pap Smears.

This test takes a sample of cells, which are tested to determine if there is any growth of abnormal cells and cancer-causing (oncogenic) HPV infection in the lining of the cervix. While about 8 or 9 out of ten women will return a normal sample, a small number will require follow up.

Read our fact sheet to find out more about the process of cervical screening and how cervical screening saves lives by preventing cervical cancer.

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