When to call the Doctor

You’re wondering what you should do, call the Doctor? Go to the Hospital?

It’s the middle of the night and you have a new pain…. the baby’s not moved much today… you think you may be going in to labour early…you’re wondering what you should do, call the Doctor? Go to the Hospital?

It’s normal in pregnancy to experience new pains and sensations and it’s also normal to worry and feel anxious about them. Most of the time you’re just experiencing normal changes that occur during pregnancy, however sometimes things do go wrong. When that happens it’s important to take action immediately.

So when should you call the doctor? Anytime you feel something is not right you should call, but if you experience any of the below symptoms you should go directly to your doctor, or if it’s during the night, straight to the hospital.

  1. Bleeding: If you experience any bleeding or spotting, call your doctor immediately.
  2. Pain: Sudden, severe pain can be a sign of a uterine rupture, which is a medical emergency endangering the life of both you and your baby. Sharp, one-sided pain, or intense pain that does not go away with movement needs immediate attention. Minor aches and pains can wait until the morning or your next office visit.
  3. Contractions: Before 37-weeks you need to call your doctor immediately if you have contractions more frequently than 10 minutes apart.
  4. Gush of Fluid: If you have a gush of fluid at any point, you must immediately call your doctor. Amniotic fluid is essential to the health of your baby. If your water breaks too soon there are risks for both you and your baby.
  5. Reduced fetal movements: A significant decrease in your baby’s movements should be reported right away.
  6. A sudden/Severe Headache: If you have sudden or severe headaches that are out of context for you, call your doctor
  7. Swelling: Some swelling is normal however, a sudden increase that is becoming uncomfortable should be reviewed.
  8. Too high or too low blood sugar: If you have diabetes or gestational diabetes there are serious risks if your blood sugar falls outside of the expected ranges, consequences can include seizure, coma or death. If your regular at home instructions aren’t helping you must call your doctor.

Remember, your Doctor is there to help you through this most important journey. As a rule of thumb, if in doubt, call.

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